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Geysir Taxi

We are a fully licensed coach service with over 30 years of experience on the market. Our fleet includes busses of all sizes - all with seatbelts and many with WC and air conditioning. Company services & products:Scheduled Day Tours from ReykjavíkCity & Country break packagesOnline reservation systemCity & Country break packagesVIP ToursGroup arrangementsIncentive group arrangementConference and congress arrangements We are proud of our service and we look forward to making your trip in Iceland a good one! Geysir Taxi's website is


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Blue Lagoon Day Trip

There are no translations available. The Blue Lagoon is a unique geothermal spa situated in the youngest lava field in west Iceland.  The Blue Lagoon offers many recreational options such as bathing in the milky blue water, enjoying an outdoor massage or spa treatment, or simply walking in the spectacular surroundings of the Lagoon. On site there is also a fantastic restaurant with á la carte menu, a smaller cafeteria and bar, and the Blue Lagoon shop; selling skin care products based on the unique blend of Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater active ingredients: minerals, silica, and algae, as well as various Icelandic designer clothing and art.   This tour starts in Reykjavik, where we pick you up at your hotel. We then bring you to the Blue Lagoon and from there to Keflavik Airport.  We offer flexible departures from the Lagoon to the airport at 12:00, 14:00 and 15:00. Driving time to the Airport is about 20 minutes. Most airlines require that you arrive at the Airport at least 2 hours before your flight departs, so please choose your departure from the Blue Lagoon with that in mind. Please tell the bus driver on your way to the Blue Lagoon which departure you plan to take when leaving the Blue Lagoon. Entrance fee to the Blue Lagoon excluded Prices from 2.900 ISK  Book Now! {redform}3{/redform}


Reykjavík Day Trips

Icetrip offer its customers daytrips arround the capital of Iceland. The tours cover destinations such asHallgrímskirkja, Álftanes, Perlan, Tjörnin, Harpan, Höfnin, Hafnafjörður along with alot more interesting places to see in the Reykjavík area. The trips take about half a day and start early in the morning as well as the afternonn.Book a trip {redform}3{/redform}


The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is the name given to a 190 mile (300 kilometer) circular route which emcompasses many of Iceland’s most famous landmarks. The Golden Circle can easily be completed in one day, either by renting a car or going as part of a group (tours depart every day from Reykjavik). There are also hotels and campsites en route for people who wish to take longer. In addition to sites like the greenhouses at Hveragerdi, the huge pseudo-crater Kerid, and the church at Skalholt, the center of Christianity in Iceland from the mid-11th until the 18th centuries, there are three major points of interest on the Golden Circle:  Þingvellir In 930 AD, while most of Europe was mired in feudalism and conflict, chieftains in Iceland gathered in a natural amphitheater to the north and west of Reykjavik and formed what is often referred to as the world’s first parliament, the Althing. The meeting place was called Thingvellir (“parliament plains”), and over the next 300 years representatives journeyed here once a year to elect leaders, argue cases, and settle disputes - sometimes peacefully, sometimes not. Today, Thingvellir National Park remains the ultimate symbol of Iceland’s independence and unity, a landscape inseparable from the national soul. The founders of the Althing could hardly have chosen a more appropriate place to meet. Thingvellir tells the story of Iceland’s land as much as it does its people. Nowhere in the country is there a landscape that better vocalizes the geologic history of Iceland. In Thingvellir, you can stand on a bluff and see the Mid-Atlantic ridge as it carves its way north and east into the island’s interior.   Geysir The English word geyser comes from Icelandic. Though the word refers to all geysers in general, it comes from a single geyser (in fact, the geyser) located in the South West of Iceland. Unfortunately, the Geysir has been somewhat shy in recent decades. When Geysir does perform, once or twice a year, it lives up to its name, spewing a jet of steaming water 200 feet skyward. Far more reliable, though less spectacular, is nearby Strokkur, which spouts a 60-100 foot jet about once every five minutes. The geyser area is also rich in walking paths that lead past steaming vents and colorful, mineral-rich mud formations.  Gullfoss Gullfoss, meaning “Golden Falls” with its 105-foot double-cascade into the churning Hvita glacial river is one of the highlights of the Golden Circle and Europe’s largest waterfall. On a sunlit day, the mist clouds surrounding the hammering falls are filled with dozens of rainbows, providing an unparalleled spectacle of color and motion. In winter, ice around the edges of the falls freezes to form magical shapes of ice and snow. Prices from 7.990 ISKBook Now! {redform}3{/redform}


Arnarstapi / Snæfellsnes

Arnastapi is a beautiful little fishing village on the southern side of the Snæfellsnes peninsula. It is a very peaceful place right on the ocean and surrounded by fascinating sea cliffs. Here you can sit down, relax and watch the many birds nesting in the cliffs along the coastline. There is quite a large arctic tern colony in the village itself. A walk along the coastline is recommended to watch the birds and the magnificent lava formations. Three blowholes, connected with the sea, open up on the way. When the wind is blowing hard from southerly directions they create fountains of ocean water, and then its not advisable to stand too near. Arnastapi is close to Mt. Snæfellsjökull, which is famous among certain New Age groups. Every year in the summer, people from all over the world gather in this area because they believe that Mt. Snæfellsjökull is a great power center radiating a positive energy. They come here to recharge their bodies with energy and often times also bring rock crystals with them. Icetrips offers trips to Arnarstapi Prices from Book now! {redform}3{/redform}


Northern Light

The northern lights are without a doubt a magical and unforgettable sight to see. On this escorted short break in Iceland’s picturesque south the odds of a sighting are as good as they can be with the help of a fantastic rural location and some scientific know how Over the wintertime Icetrips offer trips away from the city to the nearest place you can see the nothern lights. Prices from 3.990 ISKBook Now!{redform}3{/redform} 


[ITDT-026] Hraunfossar / Barnafossar Waterfalls

Hraunfossar and Barnafoss are two waterfalls near Husafell – close to Borgarnes in western Iceland. Hraunfossar is made up of a number of small falls over a short distance. They emerge seemingly from nowhere since the water flows through an underground lava tube. A little upstream is Barnafoss, which is more dramatic and faster-flowing. Walking paths lead between the two waterfalls.Icetrips offer exciting daytrips to the waterfalls along with a sightseeing trip arround the area   Prices from 8.990 ISKBook now {redform}3{/redform}


Reykjanes Peninsula

After picking you up from your hotel we head for Reykjanes peninsula where you can see the mid Atlantic ridge rises from the ocean. The scenary is extraordinary. More than half of the peninsula is covered with lava fields, some of which are only a few hundred years old. We head for the old lighthouse on the westernmost tip of the peninsula. This is a magnificent area with rich bird life in the summer. Next stop after that is a special fishing village named Grindavík. Final stop before heading back to the hotel is The Blue Lagoon where you have three different options; a visit to The Blue Lagoon, transfer to Keflavík Airport or return back to Reykjavík Transfers from the Lagoon to Reykjavik are available at 12:00, 15:00, 17:15 and 19:00. Transfers from the Blue Lagoon to the Airport are available at 12:00, 14:00 and 15:00. Please note: Entrance fee to the bathing area is not included in the tour price.Prices from 7900 ISK Book Now! {redform}3{/redform}


Vestmannaeyjar Island

The Westman Islands, is a unique place  The youngest island of the Vestmannaeyjar celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2003 and the oldest one is close to 40.000 years old. Icetrips takes you to the pier at Bakkafjara on the south coast  and from there the ferry  takes 30 minutes to reach the islands. Once there you will be greeted by a local guide and join a bus tour around the Island We will visit the puffin nexting area and walk up to the crater of a volcano that erupted only a few years ago as well as exploring the flora of the new lava field. After Lunch we will take a boat trip arround the islands. Colourful ocean caves, thousands of seabirds and, occasionally during the summer, groups of whales. On the return from the cruise we will enjoy instrumental music in the natural echo of the ocean cave Klettshellir. In the wintertime (from September 1) the boat tour is not available on our Saturday departures. Instead we will see a one hour volcano show, during which soup will be served. The ferry takes you back to the mainland, where our bus is waiting to take you back to Reykjavík. The return transfer (ferry and bus) is non-guided. Prices from 19.900 ISKBook Now!{redform}3{/redform}


Bonfire and Fireworks

The Icelandic New Year's Eve is by many considered the most breathtaking New Year's celebration in the world. IceTrip offer a special tour where you will experience this celebration first-hand. You will experience a truly unique atmosphere. Thousands of people attend community bonfires scattered throughout the different neighbourhoods in Reykjavík. At midnight the atmosphere becomes highly intense due to the hundreds, even up to a thousand, tons of fireworks that are lit up and fired away. We will than stop at a desirable viewpoint to watch the fireworks and toast with a glass of sparkling wine while thousands of people all over the city are shooting up tons of fireworks, resulting in one of the world's most spectacular sights one can imagine. Between the Bonfire and the Firework show we stop at a restaurant for a light refreshmentPrices from 7.900 ISK.Book Now! {redform}3{/redform}


Þórsmörk and the South coast

We wil Prl pick you up at your hotel and drive to the south coast of Iceland first stop will be Seljalandsfoss waterfall. From there our journey continues towards the interior to our main attraction, Þórsmörk (i.e. Thor's Woodland), a nature reserve shielded on three sides by glaciers and mountains. The glacial melt-off forms rivers that have to be crossed on the way, but those can change in a matter of hours from an innocent stream into a thunderous torrent. Some days the crossing is quite challenging or even impossible but our skilled drivers are very experienced in these driving conditions and will take you safely across the rivers. Once there we make a stop to enjoy the breathtaking scenery with its multitude of small gullies and valleys, clad with low birch-trees that create seemingly endless possibilities for the nature lover. Various hiking routes are available and everyone can find a suitable one. There is enough time to take about a one hour hike and enjoy your lunch (which you can either bring with you or buy at our stop in Hvolsvöllur). On our way back we will stop at the rugged gorge of Stakkholtsgjá for a 1 hour hike to the end of the gorge. A small river needs to be crossed on the way by stepping from one stone to another. At the end of the gorge we are rewarded by a nice waterfall, which can be reached by stepping up some bigger rocks/stones This tour is truly unforgettable for the nature lover at heart and ideal as a hiking trip. Last departure: 30 august each year Prices from 16.900 ISK Book Now! {redform}3{/redform}


Whale Watching

On this fantastic whale watching tour you will observe the whales in their native environment which is an unforgettable experience. We will sail on Faxaflói bay, home of a unique variety of Minke whale, the Humpback, Harbor Porpoise and the White-beaked Dolphins, which are all common sights on this tour.After the tour you can explore the Whale Exhibition Center that enables you to witness the mysteries of the ocean. It is situated in an old capelin-fishing vessel "Fífill" which has been transformed into an exhibition and information centre on whales and seabirds. The entrance to the Whale Exhibition Room is free of charge for whale watching passengers. A return transfer is not included in the tour price. The harbour is just a "stones throw" away from the city centre, so it will only take you a few minutes to reach the city centre on foot after your tour. Local busses, taxis and a shuttle service (offered by the whale watching company Elding), are available to those who do not want to go downtown (extra charge). Winter whale watching is scheduled daily from 1 October to 31 March at 13:00. The most common whales in the winter are dolphins, humpback whales and killer whales, hardly any minke whales have been seen from November through March. For your comfort and warmth, we have special suits on board we can lend you, but we do advise you to wear warm clothes. We also offer hot drinks and light refreshments in our on-board café. Alternatively, you can sit inside the boat in the warmth, where you can enjoy the view from large windows. There are experienced guides on all tours who tell you about your trip and describe what you can see and where to look, together with an introduction and safety guide. We tell you about the seabirds and nature in the Faxafloi bay. How much we see depends on the sea conditions and season, but our qualified guides are happy to try to answer all your questions. No two whale watching trips are the same, we need to be flexible and organize your trip taking sea conditions, weather and seasons into account. We rarely have to go further than 15 nautical miles from the harbour.Prices from 5.900 ISKBook Now {redform}3{/redform}


River Rafting

We started rafting the Hvítá River Most popular riverafting river in Iceland. The Hvítá river is a beautiful and little more than one hour from Reykjavík. The river has a perfectly balanced mix of serene canyons and adrenaline pumping waves and rapids. On our way we pass through the magnificent Brúarhlöð canyon and in that stunning setting participants have the option of jumping from a cliff into the river. Who can resist going glacier river swimming in Iceland? No one should leave Iceland without experiencing the power that its rivers contain and lay eyes on the scenic canyons of Hvítá river...not to mention relaxing with a beer in our sauna or hot-tubs after a day of adventure! Prices from 9.900 ISKBook Now! {redform}3{/redform}