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Hella - Skógar

ThuleTravel Hikers bus to Skógar from Hella and Back again.

Skógarfoss ThuleTravel Iceland
Skógarfoss ThuleTravel Iceland

ThuleTravel Hikers bus starts daily schedule at 15. og june and ends schedule at 15. of septmeber 2018.

The bus arrives at Skógar one time every day in the afternoon. At Skógar  you can visit Skóga Museum, Skóga café and take a stroll on the the beach, which is a long black sand beach and visit Skógafoss.

The magnificient waterfall Skógafoss is the main attraction there and it is said that the settler Þrasi Þórólfsson  threw his gold treasure chest in to the waterfall. The chest which was very heavy full of gold ended in a cave behind the waterfall. It is said that people could see one side of the chest out from under the waterfall in the old times. This quatrain was written about the treasure chest:

"Þrasakista auðug er

undir fossi Skóga,

hver sem þangað fyrstur fer

finnur auðlegð nóga."

Tranlation of the poem in modern words:

Þrasachest is full of riches, lies beaneath the Skógawaterfall, anyone that arrives there first, will find riches enough.

Timetable ThuleTravel Hikers bus Skógar
Timetable ThuleTravel Hikers bus Skógar
Sterna bus 12 bus Skógar
Sterna bus 12 bus Skógar

Price in ISK Reykjavík Hveragerði Selfoss Hella Hvolsvöllur Seljalandsfoss Skógar
Reykjavík   2.500 3.000 5.000 5.000 5.000 7.500
Hveragerði 2.500   2.500 5.000 5.000 5.000 6.500
Selfoss 3.000 2.500   2.500 2.000 4.000 6.500
Hella 5.000 5.000 2.500   1.500 2.500 2.500
Hvolsvöllur 5.000 5.000 2.000 1.500   1.500 2.500
Seljalandsfoss 5.000 5.000 4.000 2.500 1.500   1.000
Skógar 7.500 6.500 6.500 2.500 2.500 1.000  

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