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Northern Lights Tour 


the gorgeous northern lights bus tour

Standard Price of the season is 5.850 ISK

Price for Teenagers

12-15 years old: 2.925 ISK

Price for Children under 12 years 

Free of charge.

Location of Northern Lights Tour in Iceland:

Southwest Iceland

Bus Pick up for Northern Lights Tours:

Pickup begins at 20:00. Be ready for pickup at 20:00.

Pickup time is one hour later at 21:00 in spring and autumn. See pickup timetable underneath.

  • Pickup time 21:00-21:30 August 23. 2018 – September 30. 2018
  • Pickup time 20:00-20:30 October 1. 2018 – March 14. 2019
  • Pickup time 21:00-21:30 March 15. – April 22. 2019

Duration of Northern Lights Tour:



20:30 every day during the winter season. Pick up from accommodation and Bus Stop´s begins 30 minutes before departure. Return home around 00:30. In spring and autumn departures are one hour later. See Departures of the season.

Departures of the season

August 26th to April 22nd. When conditions are favorable.

  • August 26. – September 30. 2018: Between 21.00-21:30
  • October 1. 2018 – March 14. 2019: Between 20:00-20:30
  • March 15.-April 22. 2019: Between 21:00-21:30
Northern Lights Iceland Tour

A final decision is made at 17:00hrs daily as to whether the tour will take place. Remember, if there was no chance of seeing the lights, there is no way we would be on the bus!  We don’t want to waste your valuable time whilst you are in Iceland. Please visit for booking info or ask your hotel reception assistant to book it for you.

Furthermore, if for some reason mother nature doesn’t deliver on the night you do the tour, you will be given a voucher to take the tour again with us free of charge. In fact, its very important in that instance you re book for the free tour as soon as is possible. You can do this by either calling us or sending us an email.

The Northern lights or Aurora Borealis are one of nature’s most amazing natural phenomena. At Thule Travel we understand that taking you to the heart of the action is very important.

Our tour begins departing from Reykjavik after pick- up between 20:00 -20:30 and we will then escape the major light pollution of the city and head out to find darker skies

Clear skies are essential and using only experienced guides with contacts in many places assures you that we will endeavor to find a viewing area that is clear. We consult several forecasts both weather and Aurora in order to better place us in the ideal location. Where possible avoiding any other groups

Whilst searching for the Aurora our guides will enlighten you with tales of local folklore and information about the Aurora.

We look forward to welcoming you on our Northern Lights tour.

Terms & Conditions  

All hotels and booking agents in and around Reykjavik will be informed if the tour is going ahead or not. We will indeed inform them all by email of our decision by 17:00hrs local time.

Please make sure that you speak to your hotel front desk or booking agent around that time to see if the tour is on or off.

Bus pick up for the Northern Lights tour is between 20:00 & 20:30hrs but we recommend that you are ready in the reception of your accommodation from 20:00. This way you can be ready to board as soon as we arrive. It will also save us time having to come and look for you. The Privilege Tour does, in fact, depart earlier between 19:00 and 19:30hrs

We are good at what we do, however, sometimes mother nature just does not deliver. In fact, we can never make any guarantee on any evening that the Aurora will appear. However, if we go out we believe there is a chance. Alternatively, we reserve the right to cancel/return from the tour at a time decided by our guides.

On our return, we will endeavor to drop guests off at their original pick up point though sometimes there may be a need to drop guests off as close as possible to that point due to vehicular restrictions in Reykjavik which are changing all the time.

All cancellations by you must be made in person at your booking point or you can email or call us at Thule travel within 24 hours of departure.

Included: Bus fare, English speaking guide and the use of cozy warm blankets, free WIFI & AC on the bus.

Group size: No limits on the number of persons for the standard Northern Lights Tour but there is a maximum of 18 for the deluxe tour.

Essential: Dress extremely well, preferably in layers. Bring a warm hat, scarf, gloves and wear warm socks and insulated outdoor footwear.

Photoshoot: On our Northern Lights Tour, we offer our guests the opportunity to have a photo taken of themselves with the Northern Lights in the background. We will post those photos to our Facebook page but they can also be sent to an e-mail address if you prefer. In fact, these are free of charge as well as being our gift to you

Pickup time:
Aug. 26.-Sept. 30. 2018 between 21.00-21:30
Oct. 1. 2018-March 14. 2019 between 20:00-20:30
March 15.-Apr. 22. 2019 between 21:00-21:30

Length of a Northern Lights Tour: 3-4 hours.

Pickup Places

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