Ómar Tavsen

Northern Lights Iceland, Ómar Tavsen

Ómar Tavsen at work.

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Ómar Tavsen will be our new product manager he will begin working at ThuleTravel 1. desember 2017 as a guide and as an organiser for our tours. Ómar Tavsen will be the manager of tours, schedules and PR at ThuleTravel. He is our main guide in the Northern Lights tours. He brings with him well structured planning from his long experience in the field as well. His Northern Lights photos will bring joy to us all as he is very good in capturing the evasive lights. He also offers his guests to have their photo taken in the tours with the Northern Lights lights dancing ahead of them. We welcome Ómar to ThuleTravel and wish him good luck in his work.

Contact Ómar Tavsen at omar@thuletravel.is or thuletravel@thuletravel.is Tel: +354 8430500